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Railway Track Construction

Geosynthetics are a standard feature in modern track construction. They make it possible to use faster and more effective construction methods, thus saving time and money in comparison to traditional construction methods.

In track construction earthworks in particular, geosynthetics have become indispensable. They are used for separation, filtration and reinforcement in, under and next to the track bed.

The primary objective here is to ensure reliable and long-term functionality of the track bed. The Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (German Railway Authority, German abbreviation: EBA) has defined various type of geosynthetics for specific types of application and TechFab India TGC Geocomposite is approved by German Railway Authority.

The types of application for TGC geosynthetics in Railway Construction are:

Reinforcing element with additional separating and filter function (not calculated)

Special test criteria have been developed in order to ensure that the quality of the geosynthetics remains consistent, and full compliance with these criteria is monitored by an independent accredited test institute.

If the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil is inadequate, the use of a composite geotextile represents a cost-effective option for improving the load-bearing characteristics of the soil. The composite geotextile has a reinforcing effect in addition to its separating and filter functions.

TechFab India TGC 60/60 comprises a non-woven fabric with a reinforcing layer mechanically bonded to it and meets the requirements of application type 4.5. When reconditioning existing infrastructure, in particular, the installation of a composite geotextile is recommended, where possible, in addition to standard cleaning of the track ballast. Ballast cleaning is carried out by a ballast cleaner vehicle that runs on the existing track and lifts it slightly. An integrated excavating chain then removes the track ballast and the formation protection layer. Just before the mineral aggregate is replaced, the TechFab India TGC 60/60 composite material is rolled out onto the subgrade with the aid of a cross-bar.

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