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Located on the banks of river Ramganga,in the fertile indo-gangetic plain.Bareilly is the headquarter of Rohilkhand division & bareilly Commissionary.It is situated on NH 24 with 5 State and Nainital Highways' coverage on it.The adjoining districts are National in north, pilibhat in east,Shahjahanpur in southeast and Budaun in south.It is the largest urban centre in western zone of U.P., outside the N.C.R. and has been identified as the counter magnet

The main factor responsible for the urbanization of Bareilly and its growth as the 'magnet city' in western U.P. is its strategically placed location between Delhi and Lucknow.

POPULATION        72m as per 2001 Census

URBAN STATUS        Municipal Corporation

METRO AREA (sq-km)        107.05

DENSITY (sq-km)        5518

Industrial sector alone takes up 19% of the total land use, which is about 19.2 sq-km area The Synthetics and Chemicals Limited, R.R. Heavy Engineering Products, Camphor and Allied Products and the I.F.F.C.O. Urea Plant share a major chunk in the large-scale industry sector.Apart from this, the zari-zardozi cottage industry and other handicrafts also lie within this belt.

The total solid waste generate at Barielly were disposed on open land at three location located in the vicinity of the city.One of such disposing location was located near the Military Airport located in the vicinity.There were problem with constant nuisance, emanate bad smells and constant problem of bird hits with the jet planes.

The DPR was taken up by M/s Eco Designs, Pune.They studied the waste pattern generation which were then classified broadly into five categories of as below.

Biodegradable waste:food and kitchen waste,green waste,paper(can also be recycled ).

Recyclable material:paper,glass,bottles,cans,metals,certain plastics,etc.

Inert waste:waste clothing,Tetra Packs, waste plastics such as toys.

Domestic hazardous waste (also called "household hazardous waste")

Toxic waste:medication,e-waste,paints,chemicals, light bulbs,fluorescent tubes,spray cans,fertilizer and pesticide containers,batteries,shoe polish.

Fig.1 Different type of Waste

On various permutations and combination based on the approachability, transportations.CIPB norms the location of the landfill was decided on NH 24 Delhi-Lucknow National Highway which was located around 8.00 KM on eastwards of Barielly towards Shahjahanpur.The site so delected was barren land with area of around 20,000 sqm for landfill and 10,000 sqm for associated compost plant and related infrastructures.The height of the landfill above GL was decided as 2.6 m.


The bunds of the Landfill was constructed by using soil collected from agricultural fields nearby and were compacted upto a height of 2.6 m providing a slope in the ratio of 1:2 , considered to be safe as per the soil characterstics.

Water table being high it was proposed to use Geosynthetic Clay Liners before laying the Geomembrance i.e. double liner system.

Fig.2 Layout of a Landfill

Fig.2Typically cross section of the Landfill

Fig.4. Construction of the waste management facility

TechFab(India) Industries Ltd., have successfully supplied and installed the Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL), HDPE Geomembaranes, Nonwoven Geotextile and HDPE Pipes.


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