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Improvement to Gharni-Nitur-Nilanga Road SH-167, Taluka-Nilanga, District- Latur, Maharashtra.

Stretch 1:- Km 30/000 to 31/000

Stretch 2:- Km 31/000 to 32/000

Stretch 3:- Km 32/000 to 33/000

Stretch 4:- Km 33/500 to 35/000


PWD Region Aurangabad/ PWD Circle Osmanabad/ PWD Division Nilanga, District-Latur.

Contractor :

Stretch 1:- Chairman Wagheshwar Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Shiradhon

Stretch 2:- Chairman Azad Magaswargiya Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Latur

Stretch 3:- Chairman Azad Magaswargiya Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Latur

Stretch 4:- Chairman, Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Nadi Hatarga, Latur

Product :

TechGrid Biaxial Geogrid TGB40

(Knitted & Polymer Coated Polyester Geogrid with CE Mark)


TechFab (India) Industries Ltd.

Existing Distressed Pavement,Nilanga, Latur
Existing Distressed Pavement,Nilanga, Latur
TechGrid Quantity:

6676.00 Sqm

Length of Stretch:

1300.0 m

Width of Stretch:

T5.5 m (Carriageway)

Site Condition:

Stretch passes through rich black cotton soil area Heavy vehicular traffic & water logging


Gharni-Nitur-Nilanga Road on State Highway SH-167 of Taluka-Nilanga, District-Latur passes through rich black cotton soil having a very low CBR value of 2.9. The road was subjected to heavy vehicular traffic intensity of 2640 Commercial Vehicles per Day and was also surrounded by the irrigable land on both sides. With the onset of monsoon the road got heavily water logged and due to the existence of the black cotton soil and heavy vehicular traffic certain stretches of road got heavily distressed with significant settlement, unevenness & fatigue cracks.

Black cotton soil contains montmorillonite mineral, because of which the soil becomes very slushy when in contact with water and gets brittle on drying. These alternate cycles of wetting and drying makes the highly unsuitable for any type of construction. Flexible pavement designed over this type of soil requires very high crust thickness, which makes it uneconomical.

Public Works Department P.W.D, Nilanga thereby awarded the Improvement of four stretches i.e. a) Km 30/0000 to Km 31/000 b) Km 31/000 to 32/000 c) Km 32/000 to Km 33/000 d) Km 33/500 to Km 35/000 of Gharni-Nitur-Nilanga Road on SH-167, Taluka-Nilanga, District-Latur to M/s a) Wagheshwar Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Shiradhon b) Azad Magaswargiya Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Latur c) Azad Magaswargiya Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Latur d) Majur Sahkari Sanstha Maryadit, Nadi Hatarga, Latur respectively.

Conventional solutions for road repair, would have led to economic losses (inform of frequent repairs) and discomfort to the travelers using the same.


TechFab (India) Industries Ltd suggested the use of TechGrid Biaxial Geogrid TGB40 for the sub grade stabilization / basal reinforcement of the existing road stretches comprising of black cotton soil, heavy vehicular load & heavy water logging.

TechGrid Geogrid TGB Series are manufactured from superior grades of polyester filament yarn with high tenacity, high tensile modulus, low creep and low shrinkage. Yarns with high molecular weight (> 25,000) and low carboxyl end groups (< 30) are used to ensure durability of the Geogrids used in permanent structures.

Cross Section of Pavement with TechGrid TGB40

The grid structure is formed from the yarns using an advanced weft insertion; warp knitting technology employing state-of-the-art warping and knitting machines. This advanced technology ensures a product with uniform structure and consistent properties.

The knitted grid is then given high quality polymeric coating using a specially formulated PVC compound. The coating completely saturates and envelopes the polyester yarn bundles forming a protective cover enhancing – dimensional stability of the Geogrid, resistance to installation damage and protection from the environment.

The design and the use of TechFab India Industries Ltd TechGrid Biaxial Geogrid TGB40 for Reinforcement / Sub grade stabilization were approved in principle by the Superintending Engineer (S.E), P.W.D Circle Osmanabad & Executive Engineer (E.E) of P.W.D, Nilanga.

Laying of TechGrid TGB40
75 mm thk BBM over TechGrid TGB40

The existing road at the said stretches was first dressed to get the required cross slope, over which 200mm of murrum layer was laid. Water Bound Macadam (WBM) consisting of 40/60 metal was laid in two layers for a total of 225mm thickness. TechGrid Biaxial Geogrid TGB-40 was then laid over the prepared surface in a tight condition, so that it can develop the required tension. Burnt Bitumen Macadam (BBM) of 75mm thick and asphalt carpet 20mm thick was laid over the same.

BBM Completed
Road Condition after 1 Monsoon Period

Reinforcement of granular road base and sub base

Area Stabilization

Rail Track bed Stabilization

Load Transfer Platforms


Improved lateral confinement of aggregates

Distributes load over a larger area

Increase in bearing capacity & shear strength of sub grade

Reduction in sub base thickness

Increase in life of pavement

The project was successfully completed in March 2011.

TechFab India Industries Ltd.
711/712, Embassy Centre,
Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

022-2287 6224/6225

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