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CASE STUDY FOR TECHGLASS - OVER LAY REINFORCEMENT APPLICATION Strengthening & Black Topping for SH-30 to Sarawali – Naikepada – Patilpada Road, Tal - Dahanu

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Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), by Maharashtra Rural Roads Development Association (MRRDA), under Konkan Region, Thane, Maharashtra

Site Location :

Strengthening & Black Topping for SH-30 to Sarawali – Naikepada – Patilpada Road, Tal -Dahanu

Completion Date:

March 2010.

Contractor :

M/s Kapil S. Thakur, Dahanu, Dist-Thane.

Geosynthetic Product :

TechGlass 50


Techfab (India) Industries Ltd, Mumbai.

Unrolling of TechGlass 50 at the site
Laying of TechGlass 50
Over lay being laid over the TechGlass
Compaction of Over Lay
Road Condition after 12 Months (Including Monsoon)

The road located from State Highway SH-30 to Sarawali – – Patilpada, Taluka Dahanu, was 5 years old & was Naikepada constructed under the government scheme “Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana”. The existing bituminous surface had undergone wear & tear due to temperature variations, traffic loads, age hardening, braking & turning of vehicles etc. over it. The client thereby wanted an innovative method to increase the life of the overlay and reduce the overall maintenance cost of the same.


Techfab (India) Industries Ltd suggested the use of TechGlass 50 for the reinforcement of the existing bituminous surface. TechGlass 50 provided manifold advantages such as prevent propagation of reflective cracking, prevent wear & tear; increase overall life, high tensile strength, low elongation, good compatibility with asphalt etc.

The existing bituminous surface was cleaned & made free from dust, debris & any obstacles. Tack coat of 60/70 type was sprayed over the cleaned surface. TechGlass 50 was unrolled manually over the sprayed tack coat with no wrinkles over the surface. Wearing course of 20mm thick carpet was laid over the TechGlass 50, to achieve the final prepared surface. Last photograph shows the road condition after 12 months (including monsoon), which shows road in good condition. Looking at satisfactory performance, TechGlass is now incorporated in PMGSY, Schedule of Rates for renewal of roads and asphalt overlay reinforcement.


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