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Techgrid Geogrid Reinforced Soil Walls with modular block facia

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Construction Of Eight Lane Access Controlled Expressway As Outer Ring Road To Hyderabad City, Phase - II Pedda Amberpet (Km 95.000) To Bongulur (Km108.000) For Hyderabad Urban Development Authority at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


M/s Hyderabad Urban Development Authority


M/s KMC Construction Ltd

Consultant :

M/s Louis Berger Group Inc

Front Elevation of Two Tier RS Wall
Front Elevation of Two Tier RS Wall
Abutment RS Wall
Salient Features of the Reinforced Soil Walls
Wall Facing Area:

11,500 Sqm

Wall Height:


Soil Reinforcement:

TechGrid knitted & PVC coated polyester Geogrids with Tensile Strength Of 40 to 250 KN/m


Descrete Panel Fascia

Design Methodology:

BS-8006 1995 for static and seismic with FHWA-NHI-00-043

TFIIL’s scope of work:

Detail designs & drawings, supply of Geogrids, Moulds for Discrete Panels, Nonwoven Geotextile & Supervision of construction

The Project:

Project of eight lanning express Hyderabad outer ring road have been awarded to various contractors. M/s KMC Construction Ltd. has awarded the work of reinforced soil wall facia with block as a facia and Knitted and PVC coated polyester Techgrid (TFI-Geogrid) as reinforcing member. M/s Techfab India Industries Ltd. has give a total scope of design, drawings, their approval from Independent Consultant, supply of block making machine and supervision at site.

The Challenge:

Height of Reinforced soil wall is on higher side, around 15 to 17 meter. Considering the soil profile bore log data, need arises to make it safe in global stability analysis.

The Solution:

The design of the walls was carried out using the BS-8006 / FHWA-NHI-00-043 guidelines and comprised checks for external, internal and global stability under static and seismic conditions. Considering the global stability analysis the berm has been given for the height more than 10 meter. Minimum 1 meter of berm has been given for the wall height above 10 meter. Global stability checked has been performed for the two tiered wall, along with the external and internal stability checks.

Construction of the wall was carried out under the supervision of TechFab India Industries Ltd’s supervision.

The project was successfully completed in March 2010.

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