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Project :

Use of paving fabric f Project or the Strengthening and Improvement of Marine Drive from NCPA to Tambe Chowk, Mumbai.

Client :

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Design Concept:

TechFab (India) Industries Ltd.

Approach Length:

4kms, From NCPA to Tambe Chowk (Ma Approach Length: rine Drive).

Product :

TechFab India Paving Fabr Product ic (Techpave-C040)


TechFab (India) Industries Ltd.

Approach Width:


Milling Operation – Before Installation
Surface Preparation Before Laying TechPave
The Challenge

The existing road from NCPA to Tambe Chowk (Marine Line to Charni Road)) were full of undulations, refractive cracking & pot hole problems. So it is required to strengthen & resurface the 24mts wide road, for a stretch of about 4kms along with the beautification of central median in Mumbai. The major problem is that it’s a high profile road which connects to Mantralaya, Vidhan Bhawan, Nariman Point with the flowing traffic.

Now a day’s asphalt resurfacing encountered with the major problem of propagation of existing crocodile cracks from old or existing pavements. That is because of the shear and tensile stresses induced by the continuous movement of traffic loads, change in temperature, swelling of sub grade due to oozing of moisture through hair cracks. Load induced vertical movements leading to shear stresses in the overlay also contribute to reflective cracking. Reflective cracking in the overlay allows water to percolate into pavement structure and weaken subbase, and contributes too many forms of pavement deterioration, including increased roughness, swelling, spalling etc.

Techfab (India) Industries Ltd submitted a proposal with solution of using, TechPave as an interlayer system, well known as the Paving Fabric, which act as a moisture barrier between the existing and new overlay and prevent the propagation of cracks further.

The Solution

TechFab India’s Paving Fabric (Techpave-C040) is used as moisture absorbing interlayer membrane for 24mts wide road. Because it is a high profile road and we can’t stop or divert traffic therefore, we decide to execute the whole project in a small stretch of 2-4m width.

Spraying of Bitumen – Before TechPave
Installation of TechPave
Test Results from BTRA:
Benefits of TechFab India’s Paving Fabric (TechPave)

Confirming IRC / MORT&H Specification for Paving Fabric.

TechPave is having very good Asphalt Retention and act as a stress absorption, bonding & sealing interlayer between old & new pavement layer which is the prime requirement for this project.

One of the best, quick and economical solution to protect pavement surface against moisture penetration and hair cracks.


TechFab India Industries Ltd.
711/712, Embassy Centre,
Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

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