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Explore your options. Techfab India offers a variety of productsto help your next geosynthetic projects.

  • "TechFab Geotextile Tubes"

    After a few years of rigorous development, we are pleased to introduce the Significantly improved seam strength in our manufactured techtubes with seam Strengths > 90%

  • "Compendium of TechFab India Case Studies - October 2020"

    We have put together this compendium of select case histories to highlight the vast range of products, diverse fields of application, the immense scope for innovation, and the numerous advantages and benefits of using geosynthetics. We hope that owners, consultants, contractors will benefit from these case studies and will be encouraged to use geosynthetics in more and more projects with greater confidence. We also hope that these success stories will give more confidence to officials of various ministries and government departments and professional associations to include geosynthetics in various standards, specifications, codes, and guidelines. Lastly, we believe this compendium will also benefit researchers, teachers, and students by giving them an understanding of how geosynthetics are used to solve practical problems.


    Inspired by the ideas presented in the 2018 Giroud Lecture: Healing the World: A Geosynthetics Solution by Dr. Nathalie Touze and in the IGS E-book: Preparing the Ground for a Brighter Future, this E-book in 2020 illustrates how Geosynthetics manufactured by TechFab India Industries Ltd., have been helping to make India and the world a better place with a brighter future.

  • "Emailer Geosynthetics for road widening"

    Emailer emphasise the various possibilities of using Geosynthetics in road widening/improvement works in order to achieve cost optimization and reduce carbon emissions during road construction.