Snow Fence and Snow nets

Snow Nets are used for protection against avalanches, it basically used to collect snow at the formation zones of avalanches. Avalanches can be both spontaneous (natural avalanches) & the one that is triggered manually (artificial avalanches). The causes are different, but both related to decrease in cohesion of the snowy mass, which  determines the detachment. The snow nets are designed as per the Swiss guidelines issued by WSL, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research. Snow Nets acts as an active defence which prevents the movement of the snow masses from the detachment zone. The Snow nets can be installed in several layers to have maximum accumulation. TechFab can assess the site condition and collect relevant data to design & supply the appropriate Snow Nets.



Special Features

  • Made out of  High tensile steel wire ropes
  • Easy & economical installation


  • Snow Fence and Snow nets
Ports & Marine
Power, Mines & Heavy Industry

Rockfall Protection & GeoHazard Mitigation

  • Avalanche Protection

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