Rapid Slope Consolidator

Rapid Slope Consolidator is an active solution which may increase slope resistance, by consolidating it. In some cases Execution time (emergency work) is often a key point therefore in cases of urgent restoration a system is required which is time saving during execution and requires minimum effort in installation. The Rapid 500 Slope consolidator system is sized for a design load of 725 kN.  The system shall be connected to the slope through a soil nail / rock bolts through a special connector. Made with 4 sections HEB 140 and shaped plates, in S355JR steel, arranged to form a Sant’Andrea cross with a central joint designed to allow independent rotation of the individual arms. TechFab can assess the site condition and collect relevant data to design & supply the appropriate Slope Consolidator.



Special Features

  • Made out of high tensile steel wire rope panel
  • Provides active protection
  • Rapid and economical solution
  • Easy to install within a short period of time
  • Local infill materials can be used for filling


  • Rapid Slope Consolidator
Ports & Marine
Power, Mines & Heavy Industry

Rockfall Protection & GeoHazard Mitigation

  • Avalanche Protection
  • Debris Flow Barriers

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