Flexible Rockfall Barrier

Flexible rockfall barriers provide protection against falling / shooting rocks & boulders & rock avalanches by absorbing the impact energy through elastic behaviour of the nets. Rockfall events can be triggered by various type of factors such as change in slope geometry, erosion, gravity, earthquake etc. Rockfall barriers are available from 100 KJ to 11178 KJ with a height of 3m to 9m. Performance of rockfall barriers are guaranteed through 1: 1 field tests. There are various guidelines through which rockfall barriers are tested, however the most accepted & widely recognized is ETAG – 27 guideline mandated by European Organization of  Technical Approval (EOTA). TechFab can assess the site condition and collect relevant data to suggest & supply the most suitable rockfall barriers to the client.



Special Features

  • Proven solutions
  • Made out of high tensile steel wires
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to install


  • Flexible Rockfall Barrier
Ports & Marine
Power, Mines & Heavy Industry

Rockfall Protection & GeoHazard Mitigation

  • Rockfall Barriers

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