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Techfab India Successfully Completes the Prestigious NorGeoSpec 2012 evaluation of its Techgeo family of Nonwoven Geotextiles
Friday, 08 May 2015 07:51

TechFab India is extremely happy and proud to inform our esteemed customers of the successful completion of the evaluation of its TechGeo range of nonwoven geotextiles under the prestigious NorGeoSpec 2012 the system for certification and specification of geosynthetics and geosynthetic related products (NORDIC SYSTEM).

In our continuing quest for excellence, we have achieved yet another very significant milestone – the successful completion of the Norgeo specs 2012 of the TechGeo range of polypropylene needle-punched staple fibre nonwoven Geotextiles and the 14th nonwoven geotextile manufacturer in the world to do so.

NorGeoSpec 2012 is a system where traffic authorities of the member states Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia, different test laboratories and SINTEF Certification as the NorGeoSpec certification body works together in a process for certification and specification of geosynthetics and geosynthetic related products.

On the initiative and with financial support of the traffic authorities in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia the NorGeoSpec2002 guideline dealing with the separation and filtration functions have been extended to include the reinforcement function.

NorGeoSpec laboratories are mandated by the NorGeoSpec Certification Body (SINTEF). Within the NorGeoSpec system the laboratories perform tests on samples received from the inspection agent. The results of the tests are sent to the NorGeoSpec Certification Body. No direct contact is permitted between the testing laboratory and the producer in connection with an application for NorGeoSpec certification. Laboratories which contravene this rule will be excluded from further testing for a period decided in consultation with the Technical Committee.

In order to ensure that the NorGeoSpec laboratories operate at a comparable, high level of testing quality, they are required to participate in a programme of continuous improvement of testing quality organised by SINTEF.

With this TechFab India has taken one more major step to demonstrate the quality and reliability of our products to our esteemed customers. We once again assure you our total commitment to quality and are looking forward to getting in contact with Distributors in member states Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia for the sale of TechGeo Nonwoven Geotextiles

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