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Geogrid - Techgrid

TechGrid Geogrids are knitted and PVC coated polyester geogrids engineered for demanding...Read More.

Woven Geotextile - TFI Series

We manufacture three variants of woven geotextiles...Read More.

GeoCell – TechCell

TechFab India started manufacturing Techcell, which has a generic name Geocell. Techcell is a light weight yet strong, three dimensional honeycomb like cellular confinement system.

It is used with infill granular material and used for ground improvement to weak foundation soil by increasing its load bearing capacity and also to control slope erosion by surface protection system. The basic raw material used for its manufacturing is High Density Polyethylene stabilized with carbon black. There are different width of strips (as per the thickness requirement at site), connected through staggered welding and supplied in collapsed form. When open for use, it spreads like honeycomb structure hence providing ease during installation.

Techcell is perforated to allow passage of water thus dissipating pore water pressures and enhanced drainage, by performing dual functions, confinement cum reinforcement and Drainage. Sometimes Nonwoven Geotextile are used along with Techcell to add one more function, i.e. separation, at soft subgrade level. Techcell offers unique, eco-friendly solution in various sectors of civil engineering such as roadways, railways, for ground improvement, slope erosion protection etc.


Techcell shall be laid with infill material, such as non-cohesive soil or any tested recycled materials. Techcell spreads on the ground, at required level, and soil is placed within the expanded cells. With applied loads, soil tries to spread laterally, and causes lateral stresses, which are taken care by resistance on the cell-soil interface, by Techcell three dimensional confinement. These will increase the shear strength of the confined soil, and increase load carrying capacity. With the infill granular material and holes in Techcell wall, it enhances drainage and releases pore water pressure.


Techcell provide effective ground improvement solution, for weak soil foundation.

By using Techcell, base / sub-base thickness can be reduced for paved and unpaved roads.

Techcell allows economic usage of valuable natural resources including aggregates, sand etc., hence providing cost effective solutions to the geotechnical related issues such as ground improvement, erosion control, channel lining etc.

Economical solution to the environment as they can be easily transported as flat strips and slows down carbon footprint by minimizing logistics.

Ease of installation in any kind of weather condition. Also, they do not entail skilled masons

Use of Techcell promotes green solutions on steep slopes.

Techcell can be used as a reinforcement for Reinforced Soil Slopes.

Techcell used with filled up soil can be vegetated for architectural appearance or left as lean concrete.




Steep soil reinforcement

Channel protection


Landfill Areas

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