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Geogrid - Techgrid

TechGrid Geogrids are knitted and PVC coated polyester geogrids engineered for demanding...Read More.

Woven Geotextile - TFI Series

We manufacture three variants of woven geotextiles...Read More.

Geogrid - Techgrid

TechGrid Geogrids are knitted and PVC coated polyester geogrids engineered for demanding soil applications. Superior grades of high tenacity, high molecular weight and low carboxyl end group polyester yarns are formed into a grid structure using a highly sophisticated warp knitting technology and coating technology. The manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and the product range is CE certified. The TGU range is certified by British Board of Agreement. The product is ideal for the reinforcement of soils and other granular materials for a variety of applications.

TECHFAB INDIA Laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing Laboratories (NABL) as per ISO/ IEC 17025 : 2005 Standard.


TechGrid TGU series of uniaxial geogrids are available in a range of tensile strength and are suitable for applications, which require strength in one direction, reinforced soil walls, steep slopes and basal reinforcement of embankments, veneer reinforcement, etc.

TechGrid TGB series of biaxial geogrids are designed for applications where strength requirement is in both directions. They are used in reinforcement of granular roadbase and subbase, area stabilization, trackbed stabilization, load transfer platforms, etc.


CE certified from BTTG, UK

Consistent and assured product quality

Excellent performance

Easy, safe and fast installation

Roll up width up to 5.1m

Design and technical assistance

Certified by reputed international laboratories

TechGrid - TGU

Reinforced soil retaining walls

Reinforced soil slopes

Basal reinforcement of embankments

Veneer reinforcement

TechGrid - TGB

Reinforcement of granular road base and subbase

Area stabilization

Trackbed stabilization

Load transfer platforms

Product Data Sheet of Biaxial Geogrid - TechGrid TGB
Product Data Sheet of Uniaxial Geogrid - TechGrid TGU
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