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TechFab Metal Gabion

TechFab Metal Gabion

TechFab Metal Gabion is MWM (metal wire mesh) product comprised double twisted hexagonally woven steel wire mesh with zinc galvanized and PVC coated compartmented baskets with a rectangular box shape. The compartments are of equal dimension and are formed by internal diaphragms. The compartment is filled with natural stone at the site of use, to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures for earth retention and the diaphragms assure minimum stone migration within the basket. Thus providing even distribution of the stone even in abnormal conditions, and adding strength to the container to help retain its rectangular shape during the filling operation.

TechFab Metal Gabion-Mattress

TechFab Metal Gabion-Mattress is a double twisted wire mesh container uniformly partitioned into internal cells relatively small height in relation to other dimensions, having smaller mesh openings than the mesh used for TechFab Metal Gabion.

TechMattress are generally used for river bank protection and channel linings.

TechFab Metal Gabion-Netting

TechFab Metal Gabion-Netting is metallic wire mesh rock fall netting used to prevent rock and debris from falling on to road and railways, since the double-twist, hexagonal-woven mesh do not unravel when some wires break. This is achieved by joining together rolls of mesh fabric with lacing wire and using it as a blanket to cover slopes obstructing rock falls. Fractured stones are trapped and confined against the slope should isolated wires fatigue from prolonged stress. This solution can also help in establishing and protect infrastructure.

Additionally, this double-twisted hexagonal type of netting has the high mechanical resistance required to prevent the danger of sudden rock shock loads and dissipate rock fall energy created from loose fractured rock.

Applications of TechFab Metal Gabion

Earth control and soil conservation

Retaining structures/walls

Rock fall protection netting

Protection of highways/Railways

Barriers at the rivers

Bridges and culvert Protection

Marine and seawall protection

Lining of steep slopes or slope protection

Revetments for lakes and seashores

Lining of canals and dams

Protection of islands

Lining behind water works discharges

Anti noise barriers

Construction of the gravitation abutment wall

River training and flood control i. e.

Gabion aprons

Longitudinal works

Bank paving

Counter forts

Drop structures or weirs

Spur, Spur dikes etc.

TechFab Metal Gabion can also be used in Landscaping

TechFab Metal Gabion permit the growth of natural vegetation and maintain the natural environment of the area; they provide attractive and natural building blocks for decorative landscaping. Therefore TechFab Metal Gabion can be used effectively in:


Along highways

Around bridges and ponds to create walkways and beautify the surroundings.

Advantages of TechFab Metal Gabion Structures

TechFab Metal Gabion has a number of advantages over other types of construction materials, particularly for installations on unstable foundations.


The TechFab Metal Gabion made of hexagonal double twisted wire mesh provide adequate strength to the structure to withstand forces generated by retained earth and flowing water.


The flexibility of the double twisted hexagonal mesh helps in withstanding differential settlement without fracturing the structure particularly when a structure is installed on unstable and uneven ground or in an area where scours from waves or current can undermine etc


The permeable nature of the TechFab Metal Gabion eliminates build up of hydrostatic pressure behind the retaining structure and also uplifts caused by turbulent flows. Hence the thickness of the required structure is significantly reduced.


TechFab Metal Gabion structures are heavy monolithic gravity units able to withstand earth's thrust. It's efficiency increases instead of decreasing with age since further consolidation takes place as silt and soil collect on the voids and vegetation establishes itself.


TechFab Metal Gabion structure permit the growth of vegetation and maintain the existing environment.


The TechFab Metal Gabion boxes and mattresses are more cost effective and efficient structures compared to any other rigid structures for similar function.

TechFab Metal Gabion can be installed on a reasonably plain surface, does not require heavy foundation preparations.

Does not require skilled labour due to its simple construction and assembly at site.

Does not require any permanent drainage system.

Ease of handling of large elements results in substantial increase in speed of construction, accelerating completion dates.

Why TFI TechFab Metal Gabion?

TechFab Metal Gabion is manufactured in India as per International standards.

Excellent Quality Product by the specialist.

Wide range of Box sizes to meet the exact requirement.

Early delivery.

Economical Design.

Procure best raw material in the country.

Use all indigenous material.

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