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Geogrid - Techgrid

TechGrid Geogrids are knitted and PVC coated polyester geogrids engineered for demanding...Read More.

Woven Geotextile - TFI Series

We manufacture three variants of woven geotextiles...Read More.

Nonwoven Geotextile - TechGeo

TechGeo nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured from PP staple fibers, which are mechanically bonded through needle-punching to form a strong, flexible and dimensionally stable fabric structure, with optimum pore sizes and high permeability. The products are manufactured to world-class standards through German DILO needle punch machines.

The geotextile is resistant to chemicals and biological organisms normally found in soils and are stabilized against degradation due to short-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


Online inspection assures good and consistent product quality

Online calendering / heaters offer good finish and strength

Wide width roll sizes available

Fiber composition (Polyester and Polypropylene)

Available in black color for better UV protection

Design and technical assistance

Very quick deliveries can be arranged to project sites

Fully equipped in-house laboratory

Large production capacity

In house PP stable fibre plant commissioned for captive consumption


Drainage systems

Roadway separation / Railroad stabilization

Asphalt overlays

Geomembrane protection

Landill leachate collection

Hard armor underlayment

TechGeo PP Nonwoven PR Series
TechGeo PP Nonwoven PN Series
TechGeo Nonwoven R Series AASHTO/ NTPEP Regulatory Approved Range
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