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Geogrid - Techgrid

TechGrid Geogrids are knitted and PVC coated polyester geogrids engineered for demanding...Read More.

Woven Geotextile - TFI Series

We manufacture three variants of woven geotextiles...Read More.

PVD - TechDrain

TechDrains PVD are geo composites with an inner core of polypropylene wrapped in a non-woven geotextile fiber fabric manufactured by Techfab India Industries Ltd in the State of the Art manufacturing facility at Daman. The Prefabricated vertical drains are required to have high permeability and sufficiently high drainage capacity so that pore water escapes in horizontal direction towards the nearest drain. The water then flows freely vertically along the drain to a drainage blanket placed on the soil surface or to a highly permeable layer above or below the clay layer. We manufacture two types of PVD - Corrugated PVD, Fishbone PVD


Tech drain –PVD is a Joint less PVD (Core & Jacket Fabric)

In-house manufactured PVD Fabric.

23 rolls on each pallet which makes it easy for transportation.

Can withstand lateral displacement or buckling under vertical or horizontal soil movement.

Decrease primary consolidation time from years to months.

Decrease surcharge required for pre-compression.

Economic competitiveness.

Less soil disturbance.

Special Features

Product is customizable.

Production capacity -162 million linear meters.

Well experienced PVD supplier with 24 hrs Support.

Leading Star export house recognized by Indian Govt.


Port Said, Egypt.

Mexico, Airport.

Railway Project Bagladesh.

Port, Harbour, Toll Projects in In India.


Land reclamation projects

Construction of highways, railways, airfields and dykes

Ports and harbour construction

Development of industrial sites.

Mitigation of liquefaction


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Manufactured in India as per International standards.

Excellent Quality Product by the specialist.

Wide range of products to meet the exact requirement.

Early delivery.

Economical Design Solution.

Procure best raw material in the country.

Use all indigenous material.

Manufacturing, support facility is ISO 9001-2015 Certified.

In house testing of products (with ISO/IEC -17025:2005, NABL & GAI-LAP accredited laboratories).

Our Products are highly accepted product worldwide.

We supply all over India as well as export to more than 35 countries all over world.

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