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Geogrid - Techgrid

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Woven Geotextile - TFI Series

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Techgrid PP Biaxial

TechGrid PP is a family of integrally formed biaxial geogrids manufactured from superior grades of polypropylene using a precisely controlled punching and drawing process. The product is manufactured in Techfab India’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Daman, Union Territory and Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Stringent controls on raw materials and manufacturing process ensures a high quality product with consistent geometry, integral junctions, superior mechanical properties and excellent durability.

TechGrid PP’s aperture dimensions and rib geometry ensures extremely efficient interlocking with a wide range of soils and granular materials including sands, gravel, crushed stone, moorum, granular subbases and bases in roads, and blanket and ballast in railway tracks. The monolithic nodes with very high junction strength enable full load transfer between the ribs in both machine and transverse directions.

TechGrid PP with its high tensile strength and modulus, high junction strength and aperture rigidity mobilizes high tensile loads at small strains and is extremely efficient in reinforcing soils and granular materials.

TechGrid PP is available with tensile strength of 20, 30 and 40 kN/m (in both machine and transverse directions) and with aperture dimensions of 38 x 38 mm and 65 x 65 mm.


Enhanced Structural Performance – Techgrid PP Biaxial Provides working platform underlying over weak soil and prevents excessive deformation and facilitate proper compaction of overlying granular layers.

Cost Saving –Techgrid PP biaxial makes possible substantial savings in granular materials by improving performance, reducing maintenance, increasing service life and immediate cost savings by reducing granular layer thickness and/or to reduce the whole life cost.

Faster Construction – Techgrid PP Biaxial is Easy to install which allows fast construction.

Longer Service Life – Techgrid PP Biaxial preserves the designed thickness and integrity of granular layers placed over weak soils which reduces maintenance and increases service life.

Increased sustainability - TechGrid PP Biaxial can be used to engineer efficient and economic solutions by minimizing replacement of soft soils which reduces aggregate requirement.


Roads, Rail tracks and air fields

Parking lots, hard standages, container yards

Factory and warehouse floors

Haul roads

Access roads and working plat forms

Area stabilization

Load transfer platforms

Ground Reinforcement in subsidence prone areas

Secondary reinforcement in reinforced soil slopes


Certified by


Manufactured in India as per International standards.

Excellent Quality Product by the specialist.

Wide range of products to meet the exact requirement.

Early delivery.

Economical Design Solution.

Procure best raw material in the country.

Use all indigenous material.

Manufacturing, support facility is ISO 9001-2015 Certified.

In house testing of products (with ISO/IEC -17025:2005, NABL & GAI-LAP accredited laboratories).

Our Products are highly accepted product worldwide.

We supply all over India as well as export to more than 35 countries all over world.

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