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Problem Description

ESR industrial park is strategically located in MIDC Chakan, a notified Industrial Zone near Pune, surrounded by all major cites.With GFA 118,831(m²), Park has amenities like common parking,roads, storm water drains, rain water harvesting, main receiving electrical substation and sewage treatment plant.
Industrial park has road on all sides of the plot for better access for logistic point of view. Since Industrial park plot located above ground level, plot had natural surrounding slope. There was a need to create an artificial slope to protect office building, precious machinery etc.. Construction of this Industrial park was completed in April 2019 but the slopes constructed on surrounding area was kept unprotected

During first monsoon, it was observed that the slope was eroded and rills formation took place. It is very important to protect the slope as there is Road over it. As severe Erosion due to heavy rani may result of slope and road failure.
As the height of the slope was very high i.e. 23m and length to be protected was around 350m, it was very much essential to provide sustainable, easy to construct and cost effective solution for slope erosion protection.

Solution Proposed

Conventional solution for erosion control includes Stone pitching, concrete lining, vegetation etc., Stone pitching and CC Lining are the costliest and time consuming options. Only vegetation is also not feasible solution for higher heights and steep slope also it requires regular maintenance. Using geosynthetics for preventing soil erosion is proven to be cost effective option when compared with these conventional solutions.

Vegetation along with geogrid is a better method for enhancing slope stability and erosion control where unreliable vegetation growth with 100 percent coverage is extremely difficult. So, it is suggested by Consultant to construct slope (1H : 1.67 V) and which shall be covered with geogrid and vetiver grass. As the slope height is more and slope angle needs to be maintain , it is decided to construct Gabion Toe Wall at Toe of the slope.

How the Geogrids helps :

Geogrid stabilize the soil surface, and keep the seeds and vegetative soil in place, even at steep slope the soils will remain at its place, resulting in the successful germination of seeds help the penetration of water into the soil and retain moisture, ensuring the rooting and good growth of grass. Use of polymer geogrid mesh provides a long term protection as it is not biodegradable like jute or coir mat. (As Per IRC 59 2019- section Because of longer life and almost unfailing success rate for vegetation growth rate per year , Polymer geogrid mesh is very favourable over other reinforcing concepts by using natural fibres.(As Per IRC 59 2019- section

Here Vetiver grass is suggested for plantation because here the growth of grass is ensure in limited time and roots grows almost straight down with few lateral surface roots, thus not interfering with the growth of other crops which could result in loss of yield. Vetiver grass can reach 3-4 m in the first year of planting. The Vetiver System, protect slopes, stop or significantly reduce the risk of slippage, and prevent down stream water contamination.

Execution On Site

Installation of Geogrid for Slope Erosion Protection

  • The Gabion Toe Wall was constructed first as per the design.
  • The soil is backfilled and slope was prepared as per the design.
  • The prepared slope is Compacted layer by layer and top 30 cm vegetative soil with suitable fertilizer were loosely compacted so the vegetation/ vettiver grass can easily grow.
  • The anchoring trench were prepared at the top of slope to anchor the Techgrid Geogrid as per the design.
  • The Techgrid Geogrid was installed from top with anchoring the Grid in Anchor trench and the geogrid roll was unrolled down the slope in machine direction and than the Geogrid is fixed with staples and pins.
  • The geogrid had full contact with soil and was anchored using staples or stakes
  • Edges of parallel roll were overlapped by approximately 100mm and anchored at 800mm spacing down the slope.


The erosion protection work with TechGrid Geogrid completed as per the clients requirement and Client is happy with the solution suggested, quality of Geogrids and timely supply of the materials.

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