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M/s Dynamic Group
Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Acts as a “Separator” between the backfill material and the Gabion facia and thereby prevents the mixing of the tow.


TechFab Metal Gabion was suggested for retaining and erosion control purposes in lieu of the
conventional R.C.C Retaining Wall for achieving the following advantages:
1. Flexible structure which can accommodate differential settlement.
2. Free draining structure with no pore pressure development behind wall.
3. Easy in construction, as it does not require skilled labourers.
4. Does not require curing time as in case of R.C.C Retaining wall.
5. Eco-friendly, as the vegetation growth over it, is compatible with surrounding environment.
6. Does not corrode under areas which are in constant / partial submergence.
7. Cost incurred is very less compared to R.C.C Retaining Wall and depends only on the
local availability of boulders.

Flexible structure which can accommodate differential settlement..

Problem Description

Solution Proposed

Gabion Retaining walls are flexible structures which are very suitable in case of retaining structures
for protection, nearby the water body. Gabions can take differential settlement effectively.

Gabions are very effective for the protection work near by the water body, such as river bank or sea
shore. Nonwoven Geotextile are used beneath and behind the Gabion wall for filtration purpose.
Client is intended to reclaim the land such that the same can be utilized for gardening in the
location of Juhu beach, Mumbai. Gabion retaining wall was the ideal choice for earth retention at
sea shore for gardening & other recreational purpose. After completion of Gabion wall installation,
area is very pleasant in look with architectural aspects. Please find below the typical sketch for the
Gabion wall:

Execution On Site


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