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Reclamation & Nourishment for Devbagh beach, at Devbagh, Tal-Malvan, Dist- Sindhudurg

(PWD) Harbour Engineer-Sindhudurg
Devbagh, Tal-Malvan, Dist- Sindhudurg

Devbagh is a small fishing village which sits on a thin strip of land with the Karli River
backwaters on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other

Devbagh Beach is adjacent to Tarkarli Beach and ends at Devbagh Sangam. It is easily accessed via the Malvan-Tarkarli road. Devbagh beach is less crowded during the high tourist season and attracts tourists looking for peace and relaxation.A point marks as the confluence of the Karli River flowing into the Arabian Sea, is the
southernmost tip of the malvan taluka. An interesting geographical site, it is far more enchanting
to see it atop the bridge built to cross over the river into Vengrula



Groynes are invented to slow down long shore waft and build up the beach. They are constructed at right angles to the shore with spacing about 50? 100 meters apart so that they efficiently absorb the energy of the waves. Earlier days, they were typically made of tropical hardwoods or concrete. They are used to prevent coastal erosion by restricting the sediments, sand and debris from getting into contact with the shoreline. TechTubes are advanced and effective usages as Groynes for beach nourishment.

Groynes are invented to slow down long shore waft and build up the beach..

Problem Description

Techtubes are filled by hydraulically pumping fill into the tube. Hydraulic fill is pumped into the tube through filling ports (4 Nos.) located at specific intervals along the top of the geotextile tube. During filling, the geotextile tube, allows the excess water to pass through the geotextile while the retained fill attains a compacted, stable mass within the tube.

Solution Proposed

The Geotextile used to make the Techtube is engineered to have
Tensile strength and stiffness to resist the mechanical stresses applied during filling and
throughout the life of the structure
Hydraulic properties to retain the sand fill and prevent erosion under a variety of hydraulic
 Durability to remain intact over the design life of the units.

Generally locally available sand is used as the fill material. The use of sand provides advantages
such as attaining good density by hydraulic means, good internal shear strength and no
consolidation affecting the filled shape of the Techtube. Once filled, the Techtube behaves as a
mass-gravity unit. For Devbag beach dredged material (Sandy soil) is used for filling Techtube.

Execution On Site

Construction for Techtube has been carried out with 3.0 meter diameter and 20.0 meter length of each tube. Techtube made from TFI-TT, being filled with the dredged material through filling ports, simultaneously to prevent higher pressure at each port. Anchoring loops are provided at every 3.0 meter. The construction for Techtube is designed as Groyne to prevent erosion and future beach nourishment. The project was successfully completed in March 2013.

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