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IRB Infrastructures Developers Ltd.
Ahmadabad-Vadodara Expressway

Use of paving fabric as a moisture barrier for pavement overlay, over the existing overlay for Ahmadabad-Vadodara Expressway


Confirming IRC / MORT&H Specification for Paving Fabric.
2. TechPave is having very good Asphalt Retention, which is the prime requirement for this
3. One of the best, quick and economical solution to protect pavement surface against
moisture penetration.

Problem Description

There is a requirement of rehabilitation of 11.5m wide carriageway on Ahmadabad Vadodara Expressway because of surface deterioration. Now a day’s asphalt resurfacing encountered with the major problem of propagation of existing crocodile cracks from old or existing pavements into the new overlay, this phenomenon is well known as reflective cracking. That is because of the shear and tensile stresses induced by the traffic loads, change in temperature, swelling of sub grade due to oozing of moisture through hair cracks. Load induced vertical movements leading to shear stresses in the overlay also contribute to reflective cracking. Reflective cracking in the overlay allows water to percolate into pavement structure and weaken subbase, and contributes too many forms of pavement deterioration, including increased roughness, swelling, spalling etc. Techfab (India) Industries Ltd submitted a proposal with solution of using, TechPave as an interlayer system, well known as the Paving Fabric, which act as a moisture barrier between the existing and new overlay and prevent the propagation of cracks in new overlay.

Solution Proposed

TechFab India’s Paving Fabric (Techpave-C040-140 Gsm) is used as moisture absorbing interlayer membrane for 11.5m wide carriageway.

Whole project executed in two stretches of 5m width and
one stretch of 1.6m. To reduce the manpower and handling cost, we have supplied material with 5
Meter / 1.6 Meter width and 200m length, which reduces overlap also.

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