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M/s Ideal Road Builders Pvt. Ltd.

IRB Ltd has awarded the work of Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall to M/s TechFab (India) Industries Ltd.

The scope of work include, design of reinforced soil wall, their approval, submission of drawings, supply of moulds and supervision at site. The selection of panel facia is also as per the client requirement, for that newer mould has been made to have a corrugation finish at the front face.

Four Laning of Nagpur-Hyderabad Section of NH-7 from km: 123.00 to 153.00, Contract Package No.: NS-61 (MH)


Salient Features of the Reinforced Soil Walls
Wall Facing Area: 11781 Sqm
Wall Height: 13.0 m Maximum
Soil Reinforcement: TechGrid knitted & PVC coated polyester Geogrids with Tensile Strength
Of 40 to 250 KN/m
Facing: Segmental Panel Facia
Design Methodology: BS 8006 (Static); FHWA-NHI-00-043 (Seismic)
TFIIL’s scope of work: Detailed engineering design and drawings, supply of geogrids, supply of
moulds for casting of panels, supervision of construction

TechGrid knitted & Polymer coated polyester Geogrids with Tensile Strength Of 40 to 250 KN/m.

Problem Description

Size of the panel has been selected by the client, i.e. 1.25m x 0.6m. It has been decided to use this panel with PET Geogrid with friction / tongue and groove connection. Designs must be checked for the connection strength for this type of panel-Geogrid arrangement

Solution Proposed

Testing has been done at IIT-Madras for the friction based connection for Techgrid-PET with this panel type.

Design has been checked and verified with consideration of test results and ensured the tension in Geogrid is less than the available connection strength at particular normal pressure.

Execution On Site

The design of the walls was carried out using the FHWA-NHI-00-043 guidelines and comprised checks for external, internal and global stability under static and seismic conditions.


Construction of the wall was carried out under the supervision of TechFab India Industries Ltd. The project was successfully completed in February 2010.

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