Self drilling anchors are most commonly used items for slope stabilization projects as well as tunneling and mining projects because of its flexibility to use in various type of soil and rock conditions. TechAnchor systems reduces the cost of project to a significant amount with its lower cost of stocking as it can be kept with full length and can be cut as per project requirement. Smaller diameter bars can be used under same load due to extraordinary steel mechanical properties. Several types of drill bits (Cross, Clay, Jetting, segment etc.) available for various project needs. Soil nailing should be planned in rhombus shaped grid to ensure efficient distribution of the reinforcement. Available in various types of coatings such as epoxy, galvanized etc.

The TechAnchor system is designed to drill without casing loose soil as well as rock. Available in various sizes R25, R32, R38 and R51 along with matching accessories such as drill bit, coupler, hex nut, bearing plates etc. The system is designed for both temporary and permanent applications. It allows optimum bonding and load transfer. TechAnchor system is fully compliant to EN 14490 (European Standard for Soil Nails).



Special Features

  • Increased productivity since drilling, insertion and grouting can be performed in a single operation.
  • It replaces the need of cased boreholes
  • Simultaneous drilling and grouting is possible


  • TechAnchor
Ports & Marine
Power, Mines & Heavy Industry

Rockfall Protection & GeoHazard Mitigation

  • Rockfall Protection
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Accessories

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