TechFab Metal Netting

TechFab Metal Gabion-Netting is metallic wire mesh double-twisted hexagonal type of netting has the high mechanical resistance required to prevent the danger of sudden rock shock loads and dissipate rock fall energy created from loose fractured rock. Since the double-twist, hexagonal-woven mesh does not unravel when some wires break.

TechFab Metal Gabion/Mattress and Netting is available in different sizes.



Erosion Control

Special Features

  • Excellent durability and performance
  •  Withstands differential settlement without fracturing the structure
  • Permeable nature eliminates buildup of hydrostatic pressure behind the retaining structure and uplifts caused by


  • TechFab Metal Netting
Ports & Marine
Power, Mines & Heavy Industry


  • Reinforced soil walls and steep slopes
  • Gabion Retaining walls
  • Bridges and scour Protection – Scour Protection
  • Rock fall Protection

Real Estate

  • Earth retention
  • Landscaping
  • Access road and Working platform

Water Resources, Irrigration & Flood Control

  • River /Stream/ Canal Bed & Bank Protection
  • Check dams, Weirs

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