TechDrain - Drainage Composite

Techdrain Drainage Composites are formed by a combination of geotextile (Woven or nonwoven), acting as a filter and separator on one or both sides with a core of Geonet. TechFab Drainage Composite allows water to pass through into the polymer core but prevent the soil particles to enter inside.

TechDrain’s multi-directional flow design allows a continuous path for water discharge, eliminating the potential for hydrostatic pressure build up. It allows water to pass freely into the drainage core, where it is gravity fed into the main drainage collection system.





Special Features

  • Geonet provides multidirectional continuous path for water discharge
  • Anti clogging quality of nonwoven ensure consistent drainage function.
  • Perfect replacement of the granular drainage layer completely or partially
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  • TechDrain - Drainage Composite
Ports & Marine
Power, Mines & Heavy Industry


  • Subsurface Drainage
  • Reinforced soil walls and Steep Slopes
  • RCC  retaining walls and Box culverts

Ports & Marine

  • Land reclamation
  • Container yards, road

Power, Mines & Heavy Industry

  • Haul road
  • Internal road and hard standages
  • Heavily loaded floors
  • Water storage ponds
  • Ash ponds and Tailing ponds

Real Estate

  • Earth retention
  • Landscaping
  • Access roads and working platforms

Waste Management

  • Municipal solid waste landfills
  • Hazardous waste landfills
  • Waste water lagoons and ponds